Metal Domes

P/N Key

# = Diameter

letters after

T: triangular
F: cross
S: square
C: circular
B: Oblong
L: legged



diameter 5mm
triangular legged.

Other Type
P/N Height (mm) Trip Force (grammes) Thickness (mm)
6.0x7.35A-S 0.50±0.02 450±25g 0.10mm
6.5x3.38A-S 1.32±0.02 500±25g 0.10mm
9x17.8A-B 0.68±0.03 220±30g 0.06mm
9x17.8B-B 0.70±0.03 320±30g 0.08mm
Other Type Legged
P/N Height (mm) Trip Force (grammes) Thickness (mm) Leg Diameter
9E-SL 0.50±0.02 450±25g 0.10mm 5.00x3.00mm
7x13.2A-BL 0.62±0.02 540±30g 0.08mm 3.0x1.5mm
13.0x51.0A-BL 1.25±0.05 400±50g 0.10mm 2.5x1.5mm

Custom Service

If you can't find a suitable dome within our database, we can produce one customized to your exact specification. Our engineers are highly experienced in this field and depending on the criteria, the tooling fee may be waived. To enquire a custom dome contact us here.